「ALICE IN MENSWEAR」(アリスインメンズウェア)はボーカリスト michi.とギタリスト KOJI という2名のアーティストで構成され、2019年より本格始動する新進気鋭のクリエイティブユニット。


ユニット名である「ALICE IN MENSWEAR」は、不思議の国のアリスからの引用で永遠の少女性とファンタジーの象徴「ALICE」を、その真逆に位置する成人性と男性的象徴「MENSWEAR」(紳士服)に内包させている。このワードは、人が大人に成るに連れ失われがちな夢への憧れや好奇心を忘れないという想いと、「男装のアリス」というフレーズが匂わす耽美なロマンチシズムを融合させた特別な世界を表現したいという意図からデザインされた。

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ALICE IN MENSWEAR is an up-and-coming creative unit formed in 2018 by vocalist michi. (MASCHERA, S.Q.F) and guitarist KOJI (La'cryma Christi, ALvino), and fully launched in 2019.
They combine colorful and dramatic sound, avant-garde and catchy melodies, overwhelming worldview and vocal performance.
They are also artists who not only produce their own music, but also design their own artwork and merchandise.
Their fashion theme is steampunk.
The unit's name, "ALICE IN MENSWEAR," is a reference to Alice in Wonderland, in which "ALICE," a symbol of eternal girlhood and fantasy, is encapsulated in "MENSWEAR," a symbol of adulthood and masculinity. This word was designed with the intention of expressing a special world that combines the longing for dreams and curiosity that people tend to lose as they grow older, and the aesthetic romanticism of the phrase "Alice in men's clothing".